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about street child

Street Child is an impact-focused organization whose vision is every child safe, in school and learning. The majority of the world’s out-of-school children live in regions affected by extreme poverty, conflict or disaster, so we focus our programming on these locations, straddling the humanitarian / development divide to ensure that we meet communities’ basic needs as well as supporting them to lay down firm building blocks for their future.

Unrestricted funding, in-kind support and other pro bono assistance strongly contribute to our mission - unrestricted funding, for example, allows us to respond very quickly to a humanitarian disaster - and we are very fortunate to be partnered with a wide range of corporations across all our fundraising offices, including multi-nationals such as Liberty Global (our core corporate partner), Allen & Overy (2022-23 Charity of the Year), Infosys, NTT Data, Thomas Miller, Plume and Accenture.

how we partner with corporates

As with our local NGO partners, we build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners, driving your business and CSR goals in some unique and exciting ways. As a Street Child corporate partner, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Fund and build meaningful relationships with local-level NGOs - without the risk.

  2. Receive training and support to establish your own internal humanitarian response infrastructure.

  3. Participate in genuinely transformative ideation sessions for Street Child programs, in partnership with the programs team.

  4. Advise on a range of topics on a pro bono basis.

  5. Participate in jointly branded panel sessions at events such as the World Economic Forum and the UN General Assembly.

  6. Network with peers at high-end events in money-can’t-buy spaces such as London’s Tower of London.

  7. Participate in world class sporting events, such as Street Child’s unique Sierra Leone Marathon, where you can also visit our programs and meet beneficiaries, and the Big Ride - a corporate team cycling event


1 MAXIMIZING YOUR DOLLARS - low cost, high impact.

It is vital for true local sustainability that the interventions we put forward are affordable to local governments and communities after funding ends, so we we are relentless in our pursuit to identify ways to reach the largest number of children with the best intervention at the lowest cost. In 2019 we were endorsed for this approach by the Center for Global Development. Our focus on delivering exclusively with NGOs based in-country, who use local personnel, materials and supplies, contributes to keeping costs low but impact high. We are nimble and agile, operating without bureaucracy to get your money where it needs to go as quickly as possible.

2 THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT - your donation will have twice the impact.

Unrestricted donations have a magic quality - a multiplier effect. These donations unlock opportunities with new donors, enabling us to reach more children at scale, and often go towards topping up part-funding from larger institutional partners. This means your money will often end up in our biggest and most impactful projects.

3 LOCALIZATION - we can support you to achieve your localization goals.

We believe strongly that local NGOs have the best solutions to the challenges their beneficiaries face, as well as deep ties and trust with the communities they support; for this reason, we deliver exclusively through excellent local partners. In line with our commitment to the Grand Bargain, we build equitable, mutually respectful relationships with these organizations, learning from them, building their capacity, and supporting them to have a voice, locally and internationally, and access international funding.

In the year 2021-22, 75% of programmatic expenditure and 59% of total expenditure went directly to local organizations and we raised $5M for partners that did not touch our bank accounts at all.

If you wish to fund local NGOs to deliver humanitarian aid, education, livelihoods or child protection programs, but you are unable to fund them directly for legal, risk-related or other business reasons, we can help. We can absorb any ‘risk’ for you, while simultaneously creating direct and meaningful partnerships between you and those NGOs who are right on the front line.

We are globally acknowledged as a leader in this space. We are working in 10 live crisis contexts globally and work extensively with central humanitarian structures, particularly with the Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA) and the UN Education and Protection Coordination Clusters. We lead on localization for the latter, promoting the essential role of local actors. We are also currently in contract with USAID to ‘Elevate Local Leadership’ (ELLIE) in 35 countries across North and South America, North and sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. Read more about ELLIE.

4 HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE - we can support you to establish and launch your own internal humanitarian aid fund.

Mobilizing in the wake of a disaster can be challenging for corporations who wish to respond but who do not have the right structure in place. We know that today’s generation of employees is more vocal than ever about their desire for the companies they work for to show up in a crisis, so we can support and train you to build processes and internal capacity to respond. Our partnership will empower you to swiftly evaluate the need and gaps in response, raise funds, determine how to get funds in to the country and so on - so you can get this right, but without great expense or disruption.

To date we have responded to the following sudden-onset emergencies or protracted crises, funded by UNICEF, UBS Optimus Foundation, Education Cannot Wait, and a wide range of other corporate and foundation partners:

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